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iconWe are a well-established UK essay writing and dissertation writing company.

about-usWritemyessay.co.uk, part of a UK Limited Company, was established online in 2007 to build on the academic help we have been giving  both UK and international students for many years.

Concerned at the low quality of work offered by some other custom-essay websites – and having seen students face serious problems by using their services – we decided to start our own essay-writing website business. Our aim was, and is, to offer help with essays and a high-quality service exactly tailored to the needs of both British and overseas students at universities and colleges by providing the academic research and model essay writing that they need and deserve.

students-thumbnailWe have over twenty years’ experience of tutoring students in higher education and helping them reach their goals.

We are a British company and website. Unlike many websites, we have no connection with foreign-based essay writing companies.

This is important, as these sites often sell on the essays they have already sold you for an unrealistically-low price, or put them on an internet essay-bank database – with disastrous consequences for students who have used their services.

It is often obvious that these sites are foreign-owned as their web pages often exhibit basic spelling and grammatical errors. How can a custom-essay site be trusted if it cannot even correct its own errors?

As we are familiar with the academic world at UK universities, we cannot stress enough the importance of ensuring that any custom essay you have ordered is written only for you and is never resold or put on any database.

Some UK students have failed their degrees for this reason. To be absolutely certain that any essay you order from us is wholly original, all essays are scanned using powerful plagiarism software before being sent to you.

Our expert writers are highly qualified and experienced, with a minimum of a good degree in the relevant subject, and often a Master’s degree too. Many work in education.

about-image2Their identities and qualifications have been fully verified. Many writers are, or have been, academics and researchers at UK universities with years of teaching, writing and research experience.

Unlike some other sites we do not use foreign writers or those at US colleges as we do not believe it is possible for them to fully understand the needs of students at UK universities – they have different education systems and different criteria, not to mention a different approach to content and style.

We, however, fully understand the UK education system as we have been through it ourselves – and many of our writers have taught, or do teach, at UK universities.

The writing performance of our expert writers is constantly monitored by our quality control team to ensure consistent quality.

about-image3In order to meet such high standards, we are committed to paying our writers a fair rate – which is why we are not in the business of offering the lowest prices.
Or, to put it another way: you get what you pay for! We want the best – and we are prepared to offer our writers top rates. We will let others compete for bargain-bucket customers who aren’t too fussy about quality.

We provide our high-quality research services as an educational aid for students and do not condone or encourage plagiarism in any form.

We understand the pressures that students are under and the lack of support at many universities, and are committed to helping students to achieve success.

The essays we provide are intended to be used as educational models – offering the kind of help that university tutors would provide if they had the time. Your educational success is our priority – and we are confident of the high-quality, reliable service we provide.

That is why we guarantee the standard of our work – with money-back guarantees. We are proud to offer first-class customer service and are committed to personalising our service to your exact specifications.