There are many custom essay sites that will re-sell your essay and put it on an essay bank or database. They are often based abroad and will employ under-qualified students to complete your essay. These sites often charge low prices and make meaningless guarantees.

1) Is the company a UK Limited Company registered at companies house with a company number? If not, the site could be foreign and even fraudulent, even with a UK number and web domain.

2) Is the service too cheap? Good, qualified writers and researchers will not work for less money than they could earn in an unskilled job. Sites that are too cheap are almost certainly hiring students to write essays and/or downloading essays from essay-banks abroad and selling them on to you. Buyer beware.

3) Does the company have foreign connections or own a foreign site too? We would advise all students to be very careful here. Your essay may well be written by a foreigner and end up on an essay bank in the USA or elsewhere. We only deal with the UK market.

4) Is the website full of spelling and grammatical errors? Unbelievably, some custom essay writing sites can’t even write the content of their home pages without basic errors – so what chance is there of them writing your essay properly?

5) Do they offer gimmicks? Flashy websites, meaningless guarantees, unrealistic claims – all are features of some of the less reputable custom essay websites. Check the small print: it is not the essay company that is liable for any cash-back guarantee but the essay writer who, if they refuse to pay, will pay you nothing at all!

6) Does the site sell copyright? We retain copyright of the essays we write for you and do not encourage or condone plagiarism. This all means that your essay will never appear on any database or essay bank anywhere in the world.

7) Ask for a guarantee. Any legitimate company will offer a money-back guarantee for work that is not completed or on time.

We advise all students to be very wary when considering ordering from custom-essay websites.

Order from a genuine UK company that only deals with the UK market.