BA Questionnaire


British Airways Cabin Crew Questionnaire

Questionnaire ♯____________


The purpose of this study is to determine how the attitudes of British Airways cabin crews and passengers have been impacted by the labour difficulties of the past two years.


  1. What class do you usually fly?
  1. Tourist
  2. Business
  3. First
  1. Are passengers sympathetic to the goals of Unite in the dispute with British airways?
  1. Very sympathetic
  2. Somewhat sympathetic
  3. Unsympathetic
  4. Indifferent
  1. Have any of the passengers discussed with you the labour actions that have been initiated?
  1. A great many 25-50%
  2. Quite a lot 10-25%
  3. Few 10% or less
  4. None
  1. Have the strikes that interrupted service prompted any discussion withA. I have had few if any discussions that provide insight into the public’s view of the strikeC. I have had quite a few such discussions
  2. B. I have had some such discussions
  3. you that provide insight into the public’s views of the strikes?
  1. When I have had a discussion the public seems
  2. Supportive of Unite’s goals
  3. To feel hostile or opposed to the Unite positions.
  4. The people I discussed it with seemed indifferent to the labour                dispute.
  5. They only viewed it as a service disruption in which they suffered.



  1. Do you find many passengers who fly British Airways because it is a Union Airline?
  1. It is a common reason for selecting BA
  2. In is not a reason for choosing an airline
  3. It is mentioned buy very few negatively or positively.
  4. It is never discussed with passengers even if they bring it up.


Comments on the above questions


  1. Do you feel that passengers select airlines based on service?
  1. It is a very important part of the airline selection process
  2. Passengers, particularly in coach rarely request special service
  3. Passengers in First and Business class simply expect service
  4. Airline service is seldom mentioned or demanded.
  1. When you have discussed airline selections (for any reason) with a passenger, what elements have been most commonly mentioned
  1. Scheduling and seat availability
  2. Passenger loyalty programs
  3. Airline Ambience: seat room, food and beverage, entertainment
  4. Ticket cost
  5. Other _______________________
  1. What are the most important functions of cabin crew
    1. Passenger safety in emergency
    2. Passenger control in flight (stay in seats, use of seatbelts, restrooms)
    3. Safety demonstration (life jacket, seat belt etc.)
    4. Food and beverage service
    5. Other passenger amenities (blanket, pillow, entertainment options.)
    6. Other ____________________
  2. Do passengers understand and view as important cabin crew
    1. Yes, generally understand importance
    2. Just assume it will not happen
    3. Don’t understand or think about it.
    4. Don’t expect cabin crew to do anything about it
  3. response to in-flight emergencies such as passenger illness or injury, aircraft malfunction, emergency landing, etc.)


  1. Do you think that passengers view cabin crew as professionals or more as flying waiters and waitresses?
  1. Many view us as professionals (more than 50%)
  2. Some see us as professionals (25-50%)
  3. A few see us as professional (10-25%)
  4. Few if any (10% of less)
  5. None see us as professional
  1. Do passengers appreciate the training received by cabin crewmembers?
    1. Yes (usually)
    2. Often
    3. Occasionally
    4. Seldom or never
  2. How important is the quality of the cabin crew in the selection of airlines by passengers
    1. Very important
    2. In some cases important or considered
    3. Only occasionally
    4. Not a factor
  3. How badly has the British Airways labour problem harmed the
    1. Very seriously
    2. Considerably
    3. Moderately
    4. Not at all
  4. reputation and public relations of BA?
  5. What are your passenger’s usual reasons for flying?
  1. Business
  2. Tourism
  3. Visit Family or friends
  1. Do your passengers often express opinions of airlines they like to fly or refuse to fly ?
  1. Very often
  2. Occasionally
  3. Seldom
  4. Never or almost never

Comment: is there any pattern you can discern in any of the answers?






  1. Many airlines feature beautiful girls like South Korean Air with its
  2. chorus line of beauties in very tight skirts parading in unison or posing in portholes with lots of leg showing, or exotic food or passengers being fed midnight snacks by “understanding” girls. Do you think this sort of advertising is effective? Based on your passenger interfacing do you think this approach is:
  1. Very effective
  2. Moderately effective
  3. Ineffective
  4. Totally ridiculous
  1. Based on the above examples how does this portray cabin crews and professionalism?
  1. Has no effect on passenger cabin crew relations
  2. Is debasing or insulting
  3. Makes the job harder as it invites improper advances by passengers
  4. Is simply stupid as it is unrealistic and is not what drives passenger selection of carriers.
  1. How does cabin service impact customer selection of carriers
  1. Is a very important component in carrier selection
  2. At least fair to good service is expected but not a driver
  3. Very poor or impolite service may cause dissatisfaction to the point where a passenger avoids the carrier in the future
  4. Unless it is unusually bad it will not be noticed by the passenger
  1. Do you feel that British Airways cabin service attracts, discourages or has no effect on the carrier selection of my passengersB. Attracts traffic
  2. C. Discourages traffic
  3. A Has an effect on Traffic