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Film and Philosophy 4500 words

  Is there any philosophical route back from excessive self-consciousness?   Introduction   In order to address the question in relation to film, I have had to break it down into several parts. The first section of my essay focuses on film as philosophy. This develops a theoretical framework to work in, considering not only … Continue reading Film and Philosophy 4500 words

Minority Rights and Liberty 1500 words

Should members of cultural minority groups have special rights in addition to their liberty rights?   Whatever position one adopts to the question of multiculturalism, there is now little doubt that it is an issue of considerable concern.  Most theorists on the subject point to the collapse of the Soviet Union and Eastern European communism … Continue reading Minority Rights and Liberty 1500 words

Liberal Democracy and Economic Growth 3000 words

Is Liberal Democracy the key to economic growth? Introduction: Liberal democracy, which is otherwise referred to as constitutional democracy, refers to a kind of representative democracy (Ashcraft, 1986). The fundamental principles of liberal democracy include the organisation of free and fair elections within a competitive political environment (Ashcraft, 1986). Liberal democracy encourages multiparty party politics … Continue reading Liberal Democracy and Economic Growth 3000 words

Locke and God 3000 words

How large a role does God play in Locke’s political thinking? Introduction: John Locke (1632–1704) has been universally acclaimed by scholars as one of the greatest philosophers of our time because of his beliefs and writings on freedom and the respect of human rights (Marshall, 2006). The central theme of Locke’s philosophy is the theory … Continue reading Locke and God 3000 words

IT Ethics 1500 words

Army warns on revealing location in social networking status updates   Overview   In a report presented by Philp (2010), it states the following: “The US military has issued a warning that social networking sites could endanger the lives of troops in Iraq and Afghanistan because of new features that reveal the user’s location”. The … Continue reading IT Ethics 1500 words

Teaching Philosophy in Schools 1700 words essay

Why should teachers of children between 3-12 years of age study philosophy, and in particular ethics? Refer to Aristotle’s Virtue ethics.   It has been highlighted by a large amount of research that teachers of children between 3-12 years of age and the children themselves need to study philosophy, to a certain extent, whilst in … Continue reading Teaching Philosophy in Schools 1700 words essay

Positivism METHODOLOGY 1000 words

  Methodology   This research will make use of the positivist research method as applied in a case study setting. Positivism in research is aimed at building knowledge from ‘positive’ information or data gathered through observable and measurable phenomenon. This research method originated from the French Enlightenment, with Auguste Comte as one of its main … Continue reading Positivism METHODOLOGY 1000 words

Free Will Essay

Free Will   Free will is best characterised by the assumption that individuals in society are capable of exercising agency (Ginet, 1997). Therefore, as active social agents, individuals are capable of exerting free will over their own decision making processes.  The logical outcome is therefore that each individual has the innate natural power to dictate … Continue reading Free Will Essay