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At Writemyessay, we are proud to have several top UK legal writers available to write essays and help write reports in law, including case studies of legal cases, EU law, property law, criminal law etc. We also accept orders for essay writing services in criminology.

Writing a law essay is much like writing any other: the method of research, planning, writing and editing are the same as other subjects. However, in a law essay, pieces of legislation will usually need to be cited, referring to Acts of Parliament, points of law or actual legal cases and judgments.

Law can cover a range of areas, from EU and UK law to tort, consumer law, criminal law, and many other areas. It is impossible for everyone to know every area in detail (the reason why there are specialist lawyers and solicitors) so a great deal of research must be done in the particular area of law before a plan is created and an essay is started.

The most important point to remember when writing a law essay is that the writer has to demonstrate legal analysis and the correct legal analysis and law too. This is where research and planning come into their own: if this is done properly and thoroughly, you will know you are selecting the relevant UK law and case studies, and thus doing the correct legal analysis. Getting the law wrong will mean a fail.

Criminology essays may not always need legal cases and points of law to be cited, but they still need full research of the legal area to be examined and the creation of an effective plan to follow.

In a law essay, you will need to cite legal cases, with the ratio or judgment of a case, with dates and full authorship details.

As with all essays we help with, research and planning are where the real work is done – writing the actual essay is the easy bit, and by the time you eventually put pen to paper (or tap your keyboard to start the essay) you should already be knowledgeable in your particular subject area, or the area of UK law the essay is about. If you have done this, you will find the essay almost writes itself. If you haven’t, you may well hit a brick wall and find you are tending to waffle, adding padding to try to make the word limit, and that is not something that gains many marks. In a law essay, you should demonstrate a good knowledge of law and specifically the area of law the essay questions ask for. In addition, full citation with pieces of legislation is needed, the legal analysis should be correct, and you should ensure you have got the law right and used the relevant law in the essay.

If you do all this, then your law essay will gain a high mark! Good luck!

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